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Contracts conclusion

Port concludes contracts with the legal persons and individuals - residents and non-residents of Ukraine:

1. Contract on transport-forwarding services.

2. Contract on the interaction of the parties during the ship`s agency service in the sea ports of Ukraine (concluded by the SE ‘USPA’).

3. Port Infrastructure Access Contract - Survey and Shipchandler Services.

4. Contract on the fumigating services.


To conclude the contract with Odesa Sea Port Authority it is required:

1. To fill the registration card of contractor.

2. To submit entitling documents of the company certified by the company seal.

3. To fill the standard form of request.

4. Since the moment of receiving of the application by the Port Authority and the mentioned legal documents, the contract is signed by the Port Authority in approximately 7 working days.


After 10 work days since receiving the application and entitling documents by the Port it is required for the authorized person of a Contractor to arrive to the Property and Contracts department of Odesa port to sign the contract (1 Mytna square, second floor, rooms #14-15).

For all questions concerning the conclusion / renegotiation of contracts for freight forwarding services, ship’s agency service, survey or shipchandler services, the Property and Contracts department:  head of the department, tel.: 729-31-19.


To prolong the contract with Odesa Sea Port Authority it is required:

To fill the standard form of request in free format.


It is prohibited to conclude/prolong the Contract with port Authority in following cases:

1. Contractor has debt to Odesa Port;

2. Contractor regularly breaks conditions of acting contracts;

3. Lack of entitling documents of the Contractor;

4. Discrepancy of information in documents rendered by Contractor.


The list of legal documents necessary for conclusion of contract with the Port Administration:

(certified by the seal of the company)


For the residents:


2. Extract from the United State Register.

3. Certificate of the tax payer/ single tax payer.

4. Protocol of the meetings of founding parties about assignment of the director (the person who has the right to sign the contract)

5. Bank certificate about the current account

6. 4. Copies of contracts (contract) with the container line liner agent (for the Freight Forwarding Contract)

7. Copy of the first page of the passport of the person who signs the contract.


For the non-residents of Ukraine:

1. Statute of the company;

2. An extract from the trade (banking) register of the country where the foreign business entity is officially registered;

3. Certificate from the bank where the account is officially opened;

4. A power of attorney for a representative of the company to perform representative functions, issued in accordance with the law of the country where the business entity is officially registered.


Abovementioned documents should be notarized in the place of issue and duly legalized in the Ukrainian CONSULATE (or apostillized according to the law).