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Dmitro Razumkov, the Chairman of the Parliament of Ukraine visited Odesa port

The meeting of the Speaker of the Parliament with the port workers took place yesterday, January 23, at the new 2-k berth of the container terminal on the Quarantine mole, operated by the SE ‘CTO’, a company with German investments. The talks were attended by Ruslan Sakhautdinov, General Manager of the Odesa Branch of the State Enterprise ‘Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority’ (OB SE ‘USPA’), Philipp Svens, President of the SE ‘CTO’, Anastas Kokkin, Chief Executive Officer of the SE ‘CTO’.


R. Sakhautdinov, in particular, acquainted the Chairman of the Parliament with the current state of the stage construction of the new container terminal ‘Quarantine mole’. The project is being implemented on the principles of public-private partnership by Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority together and the investor company SE ‘CTO’.


Among other points, General Manager of the port Authority focused the attention of the Chairman of the Parliament in his report on the problematic issues of the project. In particular, it concerned financing the completion of the hydraulic structures construction. According to R. Sakhautdinov, the possibility of concluding a concession agreement with SE ‘CTO’ under the current legislation at the level of the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine is being considered at the moment. In the near future, the investor company will inform the ministry about the result of the consideration of the proposed form of cooperation.


At the meeting with D. Razumkov, port workers also addressed the question of the SE ‘CTO’ dividend rate allocation to the state budget.


Reference. The German logistics concern HHLA (headquarters - Hamburg) has been represented in Odesa port since 2001. Being a 100% subsidiary company of the HHLA group, the subsidiary CTO (Container Terminal Odessa) is the most modern and largest container terminal in Ukraine. In 2019, 391 438 TEU were handled at the terminal. The SE ‘CTO’ is also the only state terminal in Ukraine. It serves all sea lines and freight forwarders without any discrimination. The company provides jobs for more than 460 highly-qualified specialists.


The current throughput capacity of the terminal operated by the CTO subsidiary is 850 000 TEU per year. The implementation of the ‘Quarantine mole’ project supposes the expansion of throughput capacity up to 1.2 million TEU. The CTO subsidiary has a long-term investment agreement with Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority for the management and development of the container terminal until 2044, approved by the Government of Ukraine.


Today, the HHLA group has invested more than 150 million euros in the development of production facilities of the SE ‘CTO’ in Odesa port. In 2020, it is planned to invest another 20 million euros.


Odesa Sea Port Authority