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Odesa Sea Port Authority has created all the conditions for container terminals` operators to ensure paperless clearance of motor transport

Since 2013, Odesa port has carried out systematic work to simplify the internal procedures for issuing documents for entry / exit of motor transport to / from the territory of cargo terminals using digital technologies. As previously reported, in January 2020, in the framework of this program, a forwarder service was introduced for sending electronic passes in the form of bar codes directly to the driver on a mobile device (smartphone, tablet, etc.). Thus, today, forwarding companies are able to independently issue a pass and give it to the driver without contacting the employees of the port Authority accounting group - exclusively in electronic form, without paper media.


Besides, to enter directly to the terminals, forwarders still have to contact the employees of accounting groups of terminal operator companies with the appropriate package of documents for issuing delivery and expenditure orders in paper form, certified by a seal. Due to this, in order to save his own time, the forwarder provides the driver with the necessary set of documents most often in the daytime. Then, the driver contacts the accounting group to receive the terminal documents.


Also, instead of resting in specially equipped premises, drivers are forced to stand in line for paper documents issuing, that may negatively affect their well-being and, accordingly, road safety.


Currently, the SE ‘Container Terminal Odesa’ (CTO) is already taking measures to optimize the design of terminal documentation and transferring it into electronic form. In the future, this will allow the forwarder to draw up delivery and account orders remotely from the workplace on their own. Submitting documents to the driver electronically will significantly reduce the waiting time. According to CTO, the specified service in test mode will be available to forwarding companies soon.


In view of the above, the management of the Odesa branch of the State Enterprise ‘Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority’ invokes on container terminals` operators to join the initiatives of the President of Ukraine and the Government in the field of digital transformation of relations between public and private sectors of the economy, and to expedite the implementation of pass electronic clearance services for trucks.


Odesa Sea Port Authority