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Azerbaijan delegation led by Perviz Shahbazov, the Minister of Energy visited Odesa port

ODESA, January 29, 2020, 17:00, the OB (Odesa branch) of SE ‘USPA’

The Law ‘On Concessions’ adopted by the Parliament and the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine perspective vision of the prospects for the domestic sea ports development with an emphasis on the concession mechanism open up new opportunities for foreign investors who cooperates with Odesa port. This was discussed at the inception visit of the Azerbaijan delegation led by Mr. Perviz Shahbazov, the Minister of Energy of the Republic of Azerbaijan, to the port.


The delegation included representatives of a number of state companies and business structures of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The Ukrainian side was represented by Dmytro Abramovych, First Deputy Minister of Infrastructure, top officials and heads of departments of the State Enterprise ‘Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority’ (the SE ‘USPA’). The delegation of Azerbaijan Republic visited the port of Odesa as part of the program of the Twelfth Meeting of the Azerbaijan-Ukrainian Intergovernmental Commission on Economic Cooperation, which will be held the day after tomorrow, January 31, in Kyiv.


At the meeting, Ruslan Sakhautdinov, General Manager of Odesa port Authority introduced honored guests the production infrastructure of Odesa port and the possibilities for handling of additional dry and bulk cargo volumes. A separate section in his presentation was dedicated to the passenger terminal of the port, which the Ministry of Infrastructure and the main office of the SE ‘USPA’ currently consider as one of the potential objects for transfer to the investors` management on the concession basis.


‘The passenger terminal of the port is capable of accepting and servicing the largest cruise ships that call to the Black Sea and is designed to serve 4 million tourists a year’, said R. Sakhautdinov. - Recently, we have noted the real interest of the state in modernizing the main cruise terminal of the Black Sea region, bringing it to the same level with the most modern European passenger ports. Therein, the relevant indicator for all of us is the implementation of the project for the Istanbul passenger terminal reconstruction...


According to General Manager of the port Authority, Odesa port workers got real support for their initiatives on the tourist cruise infrastructure development both at the level of the regional and city authorities and at the level of the relevant ministry. And this makes it possible to substantively negotiate with potential investors.


During the visit to Odesa port, Mr. Perviz Shahbazov and other members of the Azerbaijan delegation visited a number of facilities at the port’s passenger terminal, in particular the Hotel «Odesa». The story of the origin of a five-star hotel at the New mole of Odesa Sea Commercial Port in 2001 and the circumstances of its closure in 2011 was introduced by Olexiy Miaskovskiy, Head of the state-owned enterprise Odesa Port, who has the facility on balance. A. Miaskovskiy also informed about the legal status of the hotel, cited data on the current technical condition of the building and announced the approximate amount of investment needed to restore the hotel.


Dmytro Romenskiy and Sergiy Gronskiy, Deputy Chairmen of the SE ‘USPA’ on the port infrastructure development and maritime and internal security, as well as Dmitro Podorian - Director of the main office of the SE ‘USPA’ also took part in the discussion of the prospects for investment development of the Odesa port passenger terminal.


As reported previously, January 22, at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Volodymyr Zelensky, President of Ukraine proposed attractive initiatives for investors who would invest in Ukraine. Among other issues, he announced the possibility of providing tax holidays and a personal “guardian” from the government of Ukraine under certain conditions.


We should also recall that in December, last year, after announcing winners in concession tenders at the ports of Olbia and the Kherson Sea Port, the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine announced its plans to attract a concession tool for the modernization of other enterprises in the maritime industry. According to Minister Vladyslav Krykliy, in order to prepare for the concession in 2020, the sea ports of Mariupol, Berdyansk, Chernomorsk, as well as certain facilities in Odesa port were preliminarily selected.