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Port captains

The captains of the port - so in the 19 century heads of ports were called. Safety of navigation in water area of ports and quarantine service was their main duty. Other works were included into their submission later: pilotage – in the beginning 90-x 19 century; commercial, including warehouse work, stevedore, employment and the maintenance of loaders – in 1929.


In the port of Odesa the rank of the port captain is primary belonged to a city governor, a naval officer was allocated as an assistant.


At Alexander I since 1803 the port was divided into parts, Quarantine and Practical parts were headed by the port captains. In 1818 along with introduction of the statute on Quarantine the posts of captain over Quarantine harbor and assistant over Practical harbor appear. Since 1819 they are guided by the statues: Quarantine of board and Marine, and at Nikolay I in 1832 they are submitted to chief of Quarantine district according to the new Quarantine statute. From 1848 till 88 the Quarantine and Practical harbors are headed by two independent captains again. Together with construction of the Novy mole the border passed on a pier axis.


In 1888 two-heading over harbors was cancelled. In the port of Odesa the Port Presence was created led by a mayor which gathered once a month for the decision of current problems of port. It consisted of: representatives of the Ministries of Trade and internal affairs, railway businessmen and port captains.


In 1900 Nikolay II entered a post of Chairman of the All-Russia committee on port affairs led by Grand duke Alexander Mihaylovich who zealously undertook building of the new Russian ports and reconstruction of the olв ones. The special attaintion was paid to the port of Odesa. The prince has deduced captains over port from the city submission and has appointed its chairman of the Port Presence. In 20 century the port captains were renamed into the port chiefs.



1794 - 1796 - The first captain of the port –Iosif De Ribas, Vice-Admiral.

1797 - Butakov, Lieutenant-Commander.

1798 - Debari, Baron, Lieutenant-Commander.

1799 - 1800 - Marangopullo, Lieutenant-Commander.

1801 - 1803 - Telesnitsky, Lieutenant-Commander.

1828 - 1831 – Egor Sontag, Actual State Councilor.

1831 - 1834 - Grigoriy Potemkin, the Captain first rank.

1878 - 1883 – N. Vance, Captain of Quarantine port, Rear Admiral.

1878 - 1883 – Fedor Narbut, the Captain of the Practical port.

1888 - 1897 - K. Bistrom, Baron, Captain first rank.

1897 - 1901 – N.Karpov, Lieutenant-Colonel.

1901 - 1909 – V. Pereleshin, Major-General.

1910 - 1918 – V. Davydov, the court counselor.